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The Majestic Mission of HM Q UNV is to bear The Future Principles of Health Care Facilities and Public Health Institutions in priority, at innovative-unique-self-practice-rotation-variety and capable of creating new methods via the Concepts of  New Medical Treatment produced from Evidence based Researches, of The Medicine of Majestic Diversity in Principle of Divinity™ . Thus, HM Q UNV trains to produce Most Important Human Capital for Worldwide Health Care Industry, only to specialize selecting individuals who pursue to practice Global Health Care at absolute-wise-vision after graduation of associate-designated-specialist-physicians who already have graduated as Medical Doctors (Not as Nurse or Medic or not else other  professional fields of health care workers) as well as having associate degrees from specialty accredited such as after Master of Medicine in associate with PhD, M.S, MBA or EMBA in dual degrees after Doctor of Medicine Graduation.
SPECIALLY: HM Q UNV IS THE ONLY PAIR-BOUND UNIVERSITY OF HM K UNV THE UNIVERSITY OF WE THE KINGS that trains Bachelor of Science and Medicinae Baccalaureus related practices such as M.B.B.S. or M.D. before becoming specialty accreditation of physician profession. Also as at Academies, Master of Science in Nursing/Paramedic that can join later to be a Physician after certain level of particular practices' after years of practicing satisfactory. For Instance: Nurses are usually appointed only as Regimental Sergent Major after Graduation even with M.S. in Nursing of Bachelor Degree. Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant are appointed after Graduated at  various ranks of Academies. But Physicians are directly  appointed as Captain upon Practices completed after Graduation at Master of Science College and Universities. Medicinae Baccalaureus is also known as Doctor of Medicine. Both Male and Female Medic are appointed at various levels of positions based on each particular graduations and assignment widely vary in practices. If you are interest to study for basic needs of your Medical Education in traditional, regular, typical, normal of Medicine Industry teaching, just look up the HM K UNV and its' Affiliate Schools of Medicine. Then you will reach next step to study at The HM Q UNV.                                                            

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