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Saving the Brains; Sharping the Intelligences of Our Students™

The Unique Difference of Curriculum & Programs of HM Q UNV, is not having any examination (just to compete learning the curriculum or subject structures or any part of) of any study. No Competition required between the talents and intelligence of any students who are learning or will be learning at  The Majestic Universities. No Ranking at No Sequence is made between the students, at capability of each and everyone who are practicing as students of HM Q UNV are much so in wonderful that always totally different from normal processing of all other traditional regulatory or educational institutions.

That could describe one's practice is not even similar with the practice of another at any field or specialize at any industry. HM The World Majesty ( together with The World Kings, and The World Queens,) creates the curriculum concepts which are always update, modern, useful and pleasantly valid at requirements in needs of all human being, at all nations around the world.   Come back to this page in frequent as will be coming soon, only within few months/years or so.

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